The most interesting theories in earth sciences today

Since the Geological Societies of Europe learned that men have spent considerable time contemplating how the Earth came to be as it is, where the Moon came from, why we have Earthquakes and so on. Not long ago, Gore won the Nobel Prize for his film Inconvenient Truth, which suggested that water levels could rise and flood much of humanity’s greatest civilizations.

However, this does not seem to be happening at all, but the ocean, if it is rising, may rise less than a few feet over a period of 150 years, that is, if all the ice is going to melt. Others show that the ocean has been receding for millions of years. A gentleman who has various theories about such things as Isostatic Rebounding, the Evolution of Ancient Civilizations, the Expansion of the Earth, Seismic Twilight and Decaying Seas may actually have much more research on such events and be able to prove it – if this were not worthy of the Nobel Prize.

The scientist’s name is Richard Guy and in discussing this whole set of concepts with him it occurred to us that; “Wouldn’t it be fun if Al Gore won the prize for saying that the sea level is rising and then turned around and won it for saying that the sea level is falling?

The Earth Expansion Theory seems viable and if the Earth expands then the sea level would not rise at all. This is very interesting and yes, you can see where this explanation makes sense, it even works with Occam’s Razor, since we were all taught Pangea’s Super Continent Theory at school. In fact, I liked Richard Guy’s book, it was very interesting.

Now, in some places, the erosion of the beach may have removed the property from the coast, thus deceiving the observer into thinking that the sea is rising, when in fact it is not. Richard’s theory and comments on the expansion of the Earth would also give us more activity on the Ring of Fire, tectonic plates and some 60,000 (?) submarine volcanoes, which would heat the water, thus heating the air? Causing – Climate Change, or Global Heating.

Believe it or not, although this is not part of its original concept, it is now. Many scientists would say that the theory of man-made “global warming” is a political controversy of epic proportions, and although humanity should prevent pollution for other obvious reasons, Al Gore does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize any more than the Hilton in Paris. Of course, Al Gore has the same number of people who proclaim him a saint for putting this in the foreground.

Richard Guy’s theories are a terrifying harbinger for the Three Gorges Dam project in China, although any kind of “extreme engineering” he has ever looked at would call it the world’s largest man-made catastrophe waiting to happen.

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