Science And Spirituality – Why You Needed Both In Your Life

Science is the systematic study of everything that can be researched, tested and verified; a constantly evolving wealth of objective information. Science is everywhere in our daily lives; for example, healthcare, building materials, education and transport. There are very little material and the tangible world that has not been created and developed by science.
Without science, life would be hard. Can one imagine life in a cave or a temporary shelter from branches without electricity, natural gas or tap water? Or maybe there is no phone, computer or internet connection? Would you really like to live in a world without research and development?

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is a sphere of individual related to a higher power. It is a personal inner experience of connecting to the source of creation. For many people, it brings a sense of comfort and connection with the purpose of life.

Our contemporary religious beliefs can be called spirituality. You can be a Muslim, Jew or Christian and be spiritual; however, you don’t have to subscribe to an organized religion to be a spiritual person. You may not profess any of these religious beliefs and continue to be a spiritual person who is individual and loves God.

Why do you need to have both science and spirituality in your life?

Can science itself explain everything in the universe without spirituality? While we are gaining more and more technical and biological knowledge about the cosmos and life on Earth, science alone is not able to provide clear answers to all topics of the universe; for example, emotions, dreams, and mental clairvoyance. Science, in general, cannot explain the extraordinary abilities of a true clairvoyant, who can describe with great accuracy the events of the past that took place in your life. Another example is the topic of meditation and it seems that the overall benefit of well-being is for those who practice it. Medical science has no definitive answer to what actually appears in the mind and body to bring you an overall positive and improved sense of well-being in your mind. Spirituality provides us with forward-looking answers to these fascinating questions.

Can past and present spiritual beliefs explain everything in the universe without science? Spiritual and religious teachings provide ambiguous answers to technical and biological questions about the cosmos. They do not contain detailed explanations about evolutionary life on Earth. Science has proven many geological facts from life on Earth, e.g. it is estimated that the planet is 400 billion years old. Humanity has not been present on Earth since the beginning of life but has evolved as a species. I don’t remember reading about T-Rex and dinosaurs at Sunday School.

Nor do spiritual and religious teachings seem to be responsible for billions of other star systems in the Milky Way galaxy; frozen water on the Jupiter moon Europe, the water that used to flow on Mars, not to mention the billions of other galaxies in this dimension. Science deals with the composition of the Earth and space from a technical and biological perspective. Science is a complex, constantly evolving knowledge base that constantly discovers the amazing and then revisits such discoveries as progress and evolves further, absolutely fascinating! Science has brought healthcare to unparalleled levels and has given us evidence of the existence of other stars and planets in the galaxy of the Milky Way and beyond. It is wise to acknowledge and appreciate science and spirituality at the same time in your life on Earth.

Science broadens our knowledge of this universal dimension and gives us the opportunity to experience and learn and develop as an individual.

Spirituality helps us individually, with whom we are eternal, we understand our purpose in life and we appreciate our chosen path to fulfill here on Earth.

All ideas for scientific experiments depend on the individual interests of the student. For example, if you are interested in animals, you may be more interested in doing a zoology project, i.e. research on animals, or biology, i.e. research on all living things and relationships between plants and animals. However, if you are interested in plants, you can choose a biology project that is again the study of all living things, including plants and animals. You will find out what makes plants grow, their contribution to our environment and their cell structure. If you find stars, planets, the universe and the solar system intriguing, you may want to choose a topic about astrology.

Environmental science experiments can be your concern when it comes to soil, recycling, composting, ecology, acid rain and the effects of pollution. If you are interested in bacteria, yeasts, and microorganisms, microbiology is your business. If you like to learn about electricity, energy, gravity, machines, magnets and how materials change and connect, you should choose a physics project. However, if numbers and symbols are the most important to you, you should choose a topic from the field of mathematics.


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